Tuesday, October 16, 2012

C4T # 2

I read Angela M. Rand's blog, My Mind Gap. She is a pursuing her Ph.D. in Design Technology. The first post I read was about PhDChat, a website where you can chat with other people pursuing this degree and ask questions, gather information, and so on. She also discusses Twitter and how it has become such a wonderful tool for not only social networking but research. I left a comment about how I'd never heard of this website for obvious reasons, but that it sounds extremely helpful. I also mentioned how Twitter is helpful to me as well, and it would be good research as long as you could ensure the credibility of the source.
The second post I read was about writer's block and confidence. She talks about the importance of editing and how even though she knows she can write well, she gets nervous and freezes up. I left a comment and told her I have the same problem with writing and also with taking tests.

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  1. All of your links worked, and your post was interesting. I only found a few mistakes: you used cite instead of site, to show your comic strip you could have taken a screen snap like we did the Wordle and then posted it to your blog. Your post was a little hard to read, however, I would suggest using
    when typing each topic. Overall, your reflections were good.