Wednesday, October 3, 2012

C4K for September

Chris's Blog Post
The student I was assigned to comment on this week was Chris in Buenos Aires. He posted an amusing video of a goalie getting hit in the head with a soccer ball. He said he thought it was funny and wanted to share it to give other people a laugh. I left a comment tell him that I enjoyed the video and to keep up the good work.
Vaifoa's Blog Post
This week I was assigned to a student that hadn't posted recently, so I chose to comment on Vaifoa's blog post from Port England School. She wrote a story called "Zach and Alex's Adventure". It was very entertaining, and she included pictures as well. The blog says she's a year 5 student, which I'm assuming means she's in second or third grade. In my comment, I told her I liked the story and the clip art and that she did a great job describing the plot.
Austin's Blog Post
I was assigned to Austin this week, who is a ninth grade student who lives in Canada. He wrote a post about the Quality of Life. he includes the five things that determine your quality of life, and the 11 indicators that go along with them. He described his quality of life as well. Other than a few grammar mistakes, I thought it was a decent post. I left him a comment that said how I enjoyed reading it, it was very well organized, and the bold words made it easy to find focus points. I also reminded him to proofread his work since he missed a few things.

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