Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blog Assignment # 13

On Michael Wesch's "A Vision of Students Today"
In this video, problems with the traditional classroom are brought to light. Many students that attend large universities typically attend classes that include hundreds of other students. This reduces the likelihood of an instructor knowing a student's name. Many instructors require their students to read 40 to 50 pages for each class, which depending on the subject of their other classes, is nearly impossible to complete in their tight schedules. Many students; however, are guilty of bringing their laptops to class for use of social networking sites rather than note taking purposes.
There is a debate brought up at the end of the video about whether or not writing on the chalk/white board is effective. This is interesting to me because I've always benefited from a visual aid. It helps me keep up with my note taking if I get behind. Although, with technology like projectors and Powerpoints, Smartboards and Elmo projectors, etc, it is almost unnecessary to have a chalk board anymore.

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