Monday, November 12, 2012

Special Blog Assignment

On USA Today's article, "A world where grades will be left behind"
I read Mary Beth Marklein's article called "A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind", about Sebastian Thrun.
Thrun is a Stanford research professor who created Udacity, an online educational resource that is free, individualized, and for anyone. Thrun focuses on the more abstract elements of higher education, and offers programs from beginner to advanced level. Sal Kahn's idea of "flipping the classroom" is brought up in this article, which I have written about previously. Thrun is asked in an interview if he thinks this type of education will take over and eliminate the form of higher education we are accustomed to. He references film versus live theatre and basically says that although it might become more common, it will not replace traditional pencil, paper, and classroom education. I am excited to learn about this opportunity of taking free classes online with thousands of other eager students, but I agree with the theory that it will not eliminate traditional education techniques. I support any technological advancement, especially for the use of teaching.

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