Saturday, November 10, 2012

C4T # 3

I commented on Ben Jones' blog on The first post I read was about our personal lives and mood influencing the way we act at work or school. Mr. Jones has funny pictures and videos in all of his posts, which makes them more entertaining. I commented and said that I liked his quote "having a bad day, stay home or stay quiet." It is ridiculous when you take out your personal problems on coworkers or classmates, and we should have more control over the way we act.
The second post I commented on was about teaching from the negative versus the positive. So many teachers and other leaders focus on mistakes people make and what is wrong or needs to be fixed. More people should praise students for their good work instead of getting angry about their bad work in front of the class. He had a funny video of Darth Vader to get his message across.

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